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  • Truth


    Truth, void of delusion Delusion contained in mind trick illusion Sent to protect day to day In the process, intimacy wanes Think Choice Indoctrinated plays Glance the clock Memories fade Re-write history Delusion smiles Men get sick Truth thumps the heart Delusion stops the tick _____________________________________ Image by msandersmusic from Pixabay

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  • Nose Cutters

    Nose Cutters

    One of my favorite things to do is watch people. I know how creepy that sounds but I am definitely not the only one. I like to listen, to watch, to learn. Right now I listen to the sounds of teenagers who talk about the face lifts they will get in a few years, the…

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  • Moving Forward is a Choice

    Moving Forward is a Choice

    “Moving forward is a choice.” I have read that in many places. Choice. I thought I would wake up one day and not feel sad anymore about the loss my marriage. I thought it would be like the child who wakes up four inches taller than a few months previous.  Part of healing is like…

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  • #Me Too Moments

    #Me Too Moments

    He grabbed her. They were at the Mcdonald’s playground, she came up to the table,“I have something important to tell you.” “Wait a second until we are done talking.” Miranda continued her animated story.  Nearly three minutes later, “Okay what is it?” “A boy grabbed me on the slide (she pointed at her tiny breast)…

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