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  • Wishes


    Wishes are those conversations that no one plans to make a reality. The person who says, “Wouldn’t this be a great idea?” Except this person has those ideas twenty times a day. Wishes are okay as long as one realizes that they are indeed wishes. I used to want to be a figure skater and…

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  • Leave It all Behind

    Leave It all Behind

    Photo by magdaborys from FreeImages

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  • Sticky-Attach-ments


    At the end of your life, a few will suffer. The earth spins, it moves. It doesn’t care who is sad for those who are left behind. Grief is one of those emotions that sticks to the attached while the unattached go gloriously about their day. A sticky attachment. And for all of this attachment,…

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  • Berry Tree Days

    Berry Tree Days

    I thought of you yesterday, there were berries. Wild berries, I thought of us eating the berries and climbing the trees. I thought of us going through the woods, and the way that we would fight over who would get to climb which tree. The way that I would miss you when we would fight,…

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  • It Stops Here!

    It Stops Here!

    This piece was written at a Gotham writer’s workshop in NYC. It  explores the way that obsessions cause the heart to feel lost, afraid, and hopefully fed up. “She always said what she loved most about having children was their unconditional love.”    

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