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  • Dreams and Old Memories

    Dreams and Old Memories

    This morning I dreamed of an old memory–a woman I have long forgotten. At twenty-two years old, I watched over an elderly woman during her last month of life. She reminded me of my grandmother who died of cancer when I was nine. The morphine in my grandmother’s system made her irresponsive conversationally but not…

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  • Danny’s Tomb part 2

    Danny’s Tomb part 2

    Two ladies grabbed the girls and took them to the back of the restaurant. Danny raged at Mary. He got so close to her face that the breath of his fries hit the tip of Mary’s nose. She didn’t budge. His anger pulsated through her body, she ignored the fear. “Danny if you hit me,…

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  • Danny’s Tomb

    Danny’s Tomb

    He went off. There is no other way to say it, he lost his mind completely. He stood up from his chair, “We’re leaving, we’re leaving, come on girls we’re going.”  “No you can’t,” she screamed. “You can’t take them.” The girls were crying now. Danny seized one of their arms, Mary pulled them back…

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  • Lewis and Louise Part 4

    Lewis and Louise Part 4

    Randall had the best luck. I liked to tell him God was watching over him even if he didn’t believe it. He could get out of more trouble than anyone I knew. The amount of  times he burned his credit with careless mistakes like not paying for a phone bill and yet he still found…

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  • Lewis & Louise Part Three

    Lewis & Louise Part Three

    Ring, ring, Randall: Grace its done, I’m done, I’m walking right now. She’s sleeping with some guy. I don’t know, can you come get me? Me: Randall I have your girls here, its two o clock in the morning. I can’t just leave them. Randall: There were guns, she’s crazy, I don’t know what I…

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