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  • Dreams and Old Memories

    Dreams and Old Memories

    This morning I dreamed of an old memory–a woman I have long forgotten. At twenty-two years old, I watched over an elderly woman during her last month of life. She reminded me of my grandmother who died of cancer when I was nine. The morphine in my grandmother’s system made her irresponsive conversationally but not…

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  • Lewis & Louise Part Two

    Lewis & Louise Part Two

    Rain Rules We stepped outside to wind that blew rain all over our barely teenage faces. The porch half sheltered us, piles of trash laid beside the chipped painted green front door. Even the wood from the porch itself had been forgotten, who knew that a wooded porch could be so gray. An animal dish…

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  • Lewis and Louise

    Lewis and Louise

    I couldn’t sleep last night. I started to look up baby names not because I want a baby right now, I just have names in my mind for future possible babies. I find the meaning of names to matter, the name Lewis popped into my head not because It has necessarily made the baby list…

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