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  • A Letter to You

    A Letter to You

    I wanted to be wanted, I never wished to feel alone.Now I’m addicted and alone is all I know.Reprimanded for speaking out the truth, The scapegoat for their lies. Cyclical nature in this repetitive play.Tired from the battle, want to run away. Jogging on treadmills,There is no getting off. See the sunshine in my suffering,I…

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  • Sweet Luna

    Sweet Luna

    There is a form to my flesh, a color to my skinI am a base I fuse with words, attach to me I push down whispers of identity that come aching, hours into the night  Wolves and owls, A life with wolves and owls I cry beneath the moon I so fondly refer to as sweet…

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  • The Dandelion Rose

    The Dandelion Rose

    I am a weed I am wine I am beauty Known to prick I am dandelion I am rose I am thorn I freely flow

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  • Happiness


    Happiness the fleeting wish It cannot stay Will not desist All keep searching for the place Where happiness lives Negative feelings unwind We wish we may We wish we might We wish that wishes As real as twilight Old and gray nothing more than mist Live to die We play the game Searching searching for…

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