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  • Lewis & Louise Part Three

    Lewis & Louise Part Three

    Ring, ring, Randall: Grace its done, I’m done, I’m walking right now. She’s sleeping with some guy. I don’t know, can you come get me? Me: Randall I have your girls here, its two o clock in the morning. I can’t just leave them. Randall: There were guns, she’s crazy, I don’t know what I…

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  • My Wedding Anniversary?

    My Wedding Anniversary?

    Yesterday I felt so sad but had no idea why. Now I know. The ocean. I went to her yesterday. It was largely an accident but somehow I ended up on a beach. The ocean was trying to tell me that my wedding anniversary would have happened the next day; today. She wanted me to think about…

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  • Social Media Scroll

    Social Media Scroll

    April 1, 2019 I scroll on social media when I am bored. Lately, this is often. There is a longing under there. If the scroll isn’t enough, I download a dating app. I peruse through it for a few days. I like to swipe more than I like to chat with anyone. I talk to…

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  • Invite me to the wedding?

    Invite me to the wedding?

    Dear Dear One, The smell of grass. It doesn’t remind me of you anymore. I noticed yesterday. The wind blew. Newly cut grass thrown in the breeze. I caught it. It struck me later in such a way that left me sad. The image of a man came to me. He stood under a fiery…

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