Photo credit: Eric Bandiero- Instagram… @eric_bandiero

I am a performer and choreographer from a rural, small southern town in eastern North Carolina. I have had the pleasure of performing at Dixon Place, Ailey Citigroup Theatre, and for The Pulse on Tour NYC to name a few. I was a part of Techmoja Dance Company under the direction of Kevin-Lee-Y Green in Wilmington, North Carolina where I was given the opportunity to perform some of the most intensely emotional works that focused primarily on social justice in different respects. I’ve enjoyed working with the North Carolina Dance Festival, Wilmington Dance Festival, Arts Sensation, Emerging Choreographer’s Showcase through the Dance Cooperative, and as a background dancer for the Rosie Herrera dance company. I studied at Broadway Dance Center in NYC as a professional student and continued my training another two years after the program finished. I am a versatile mover and love to work in styles such as contemporary, musical theatre, and jazz.

Here you will find my dance reel–Enjoy.

Below you will find excerpts from some of my classroom combinations.

Below are my most up-to-date choreography pieces from the past two years. Masks from the pandemic caused me to consider a dance that was a bit more magical in nature for 2021. I wanted to give the masks a purpose on the stage, I believe I succeeded. My 2020 piece was meant to capture the beauty of letting go of over-responsibility. So many people take on burdens that were never theirs to carry, my 2020 piece explores this part of the human experience.