Photo credit: Eric Bandiero- Instagram… @eric_bandiero

I am a performer and choreographer from a rural, small southern town in eastern North Carolina. I have had the pleasure of performing at Dixon Place, Ailey Citigroup Theatre, and The Pulse on Tour NYC to name a few. I have performed for choreographers such as Anne Firmender, Harper Piver, Phil Orsano, and Kevin-Lee-Y Green. I’ve enjoyed dancing with the North Carolina Dance Festival, Cucalorus, the Wilmington Dance Festival, the Prelude Dance Competition as a member of Physical Graffeeti, and more.

As a choreographer, I’ve worked with multiple studios across the country in the last decade and was recently a semi-finalist at the 2023 Chicago Blow-up Art Festival for my dance film, “Goodnight Grace.” I consider myself a versatile mover and love to work in styles such as contemporary, musical theatre, hip-hop, and jazz.

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