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  • Mr. Weakshake

    Mr. Weakshake

    He was standing behind me in line.  He was attractive.  We were waiting to get into a store. A busy store. I had my shades on with a scarf that covered my face.  Its my way of saying, “Don’t talk to me!” without the use of headphones. A man walked up to speak to the…

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  • #L.A. Dream Living

    #L.A. Dream Living

    Sam: I wonder how long we can go without a fridge. Me: It depends on how the other two roommates are. What are those things called, they are square you can hold food in them? Sam: (laughs) A cooler? Me: YEAH! One of those we could get a cooler. Sam: #L.A. Dream Living! Me: I’d…

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  • Birthday Invitation

    Birthday Invitation

    Stunned. Birthday. There is laughing going on in the other room. There is music. Life.  I spent a weekend at a Catholic retreat last March.  I’m not Catholic.  I was seeking God. I believe his name to be Jesus. I was looking for answers. The weekend was themed on darkness. “Without the dark, there would…

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  • Hey NYC: Wholeness Self-love or Chocolate?

    Hey NYC: Wholeness Self-love or Chocolate?

    Journal Entry from April 2017: I pondered “wholeness” on my walk today. There is talk that this might mean a person who heals from the inside out. I don’t quite understand healing from the inside out. I think about plants. They need a specific environment to grow and they just grow. I think about houses and how…

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  • Chocolate Thighs

    Chocolate Thighs

    She looked at herself in the mirror. Her figure had indeed expanded. The chocolate had melted into her thighs. “We are one now,” She laughed. Ridiculous. Still, she noticed she had shape. Her figure simply needed to chip away at the excess blubber. “I choose to love myself today.” “You are hideous!” She thought. “Wait…

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  • The Suicide

    The Suicide

    Driver: “Grace?” Me: “Yes that’s me!” Driver: “Hows your night going?” Me: “Great, just got out of a dance class. $15 dollars for three hours! So cool. So what do you do with life when you aren’t ubering?” Driver: “Oh, I got my master’s degree recently.  I do some real estate.  I want to improve…

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  • Divorce.


    Sometimes, most times, you wish it was the love story. They say it was learned from Disney but then my niece looks at me and says that she still wishes we would get back together.  Even she knows marriage was never supposed to end. I gave him back the wedding rings.  It was the right thing to…

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  • Lay off the Cookies

    Lay off the Cookies

    Ever feel so angry you want to stomp, scream, and give every one that eye? Get out of my face! Do not ask me questions.  No! I do not want to talk! Anger, Deep-seeded anger, I talk to it: “Anger,  whats your deal?” “I’m pissed with you.” “No its not me, its the roommates,  Its…

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