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  • The Butterfly Wing

    The Butterfly Wing

    We stopped at Lowe’s to get some flower pots. “Look, a butterfly!” It was fluttering on the ground in the middle of the parking lot. “It has a broken wing.” We lingered for a moment. I could feel the we need to do something feeling rise up in my chest. My mom felt it too,…

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  • Random Beach Trips

    Random Beach Trips

    I love many things about my best friend Miranda but the top of the icing was when we were in her car on the way to the beach at 3:30 in the afternoon on Sunday afternoon. “I just checked the weather, there might be isolated thunderstorms but they might stop around seven if they do…

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  • Social Media Scroll

    Social Media Scroll

    April 1, 2019 I scroll on social media when I am bored. Lately, this is often. There is a longing under there. If the scroll isn’t enough, I download a dating app. I peruse through it for a few days. I like to swipe more than I like to chat with anyone. I talk to…

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  • Moving Forward is a Choice

    Moving Forward is a Choice

    “Moving forward is a choice.” I have read that in many places. Choice. I thought I would wake up one day and not feel sad anymore about the loss my marriage. I thought it would be like the child who wakes up four inches taller than a few months previous.  Part of healing is like…

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  • #Me Too Moments

    #Me Too Moments

    He grabbed her. They were at the Mcdonald’s playground, she came up to the table,“I have something important to tell you.” “Wait a second until we are done talking.” Miranda continued her animated story.  Nearly three minutes later, “Okay what is it?” “A boy grabbed me on the slide (she pointed at her tiny breast)…

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  • I saw my Ex-Husband

    I saw my Ex-Husband

    I saw him yesterday. It has been six months. Fernando, the ex. I was speaking to a good friend about what the experience of seeing him might be like. She offered maybe I would think to myself, “I am so glad this didn’t work out.”  That wasn’t exactly what happened. I could feel him walking…

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  • Hurt People Hurt People

    Hurt People Hurt People

    I wish there was somewhere you could go that would make you want to thrive. There was a quote I read once, “There is a world within us all.” That world was created when you were a child. There were many factors that grew your inner-world.  Your parents, your friends, your school, your teachers, your…

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  • Divorce Thinkings

    Divorce Thinkings

    It’s a word I play around with. I used to hear the word out loud and it felt like I was cursing. The word “divorce” feels heavier to me than the word death. Divorce. I went through a stage where every person I met I would say, “Hi, I’m divorced.” It was my identity for…

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  • Dating, I think no.

    Dating, I think no.

    “It’s been long enough, isn’t it time? How long is enough time? You will miss him when he comes. You can’t put time lines on things like this.” “Oh I can and I must.” “And God your list, who can live up to that?” “I won’t settle again. I can bend my list but most…

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  • Biology of Love

    Biology of Love

    I keep thinking about the biology of falling in love. I warn all the women I meet! I was serving a few weeks ago and made a potentially terrible mistake! I had run a woman’s card for another table. She wasn’t gone yet but definitely about to be to her car. I was in freak-out/calm…

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