About Me

Photo credit: Eric Bandiero- Instagram… @eric_bandiero

Once upon a time I lived next to a cotton field in a small town in North Carolina. My hearts desire was to finish college, be a well-trained dancer, and heal my heart from a laundry list of broken-hearted moments. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a B.A. in philosophy and a minor in psychology. I later moved to NYC where I was a part of Broadway Dance Center’s Summer Professional program. Upon my return from two years of adventures in NYC and later LA, I was knocked face first in the reality that I was losing my brother to drugs. Randall lost his job, his car, his marriage, and his kids all in less than a year. Within a year in a half he lost his life.

He had tears in his eyes on my wedding day. He said, “I’ve just never seen anyone so happy.” He had never held me so tight.

Randall was dealt a crappy hand of cards. Part of his cards were in my own hands. People don’t start drugs for no reason. Where he chose lust, drugs, and death, I chose art.

My work as a dance artist, as a writer, as a filmmaker (coming soon) are the works of a woman who went through some rather terrible times and yet still lives to share the beauty in the balance of life. That balance is simple in that it is complex: It is both good and bad, wondrous and mundane. We live; we all will die. May we live well and honor the memory of those who couldn’t.

Warmly Yours,

Grace Louise