Wishes are those conversations that no one plans to make a reality. The person who says, “Wouldn’t this be a great idea?” Except this person has those ideas twenty times a day. Wishes are okay as long as one realizes that they are indeed wishes. I used to want to be a figure skater and that certainly never happened. Last year I went on this exploration of wishes to see which ones I could put in my wishes grave. I tried art that I’d never done before, and dances I’d never danced. I stopped teaching dance to see if I might miss it. I did more acting to see if that felt real. I drew cartoons to see if the animation was an actual interest–it wasn’t.

In the past year, I have been able to put many wishes to death. Goodbye animation, see you later serious painter. Instead, songwriting remains, singing stays, acting breathes, and helping others matters still. Dance is a given and hiking is a beautiful respite from technology with all its distractions.

Explore wishes or accept that when you speak there is no weight.

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