a lesson in Creative Movement

I will admit right away that teaching three and four year olds creative movement has been one the most difficult things I have ever done. My first year teaching this class was one where I carried great expectation. Never anyone mind that these children were three and four, surely they are here to learn how to do a tendu.

With more experience my frustrations simmered down in favor of connection. “No it is not important that you can plie, it is much more important for you to PLIE YAY!!!!” I have grown so much in the past two years with these children but one fact still remains, some people are just better with this age group than me.

Surprise surprise my boyfriend appears to be one of those people. During the course of the past few years, I have learned how to connect with these little children, how to get them to trust me, and how to format a class that goes a full forty minutes but playing games and fun for the sake of fun?

Zach (My SO) informed me that in his first class with three year and four year olds, he used the tactics of connection that I use in the beginning of class but he treated all of class as a game. Because it was a game that soared with imagination, the children were thrilled and while they are too tired for one more dance, they will gather enough energy for one more game.

I asked myself, “Why don’t I want to play?” I have a great imagination, can I not give play to these littles ones in the classroom just as I do with my nieces and nephews on the playground?

I don’t have that answer, for now I will say it appears my dear sweet Zach has the power of play. With my knowledge in connection building, we shall rule creative movement classes all over the world, and lucky for me, he can be the one teaching the class.


Image by hdydi from Pixabay