I catch a comely sparkle in the eyes of a smile with no notion of the soul fervent for recognition. Its as if I’ve become a spineless mind. Spines are of no use for those who don’t stand; they do fine laying twisted in straw beds sharing not a scent of fight, embellishing in all the generalities of a world swirling in self-pity.

Its possible I’m one of the most insightful blind you have found yourself the honor to meet. A heart of ice bordered in warmth cause a fever to wrap itself around my soul. Cynical, discombobulated, yearning yet not grasping for the cure within my reach.

Empty promises once filled lakes with water pure and crisp now instill nothing more than it’s echoing plea for spriteful spirit to rain down once more. Oh to live, but we are and we will, for living is breathing in the physical sense. If the spirit is dead and the will broken, all reason for breath become non-existent yet one still may breathe.

Spirit make haste for I fear I cannot go on without you. After all you promised you’d stay.

Time clicks the clock as moments of waiting watch seasons pass year after year. Life’s wisdom whispers these words in content of the night,

“You’ve waited loyally for dear spirit to saunter back inside. I am afraid Time wishes you to stop wasting his clock. Walking without spirit is difficult but it can be done. Here, take this spine, it’s mine. Nothing like a little lift (chuckle). We must press on, get up girl, we’re late!

“Cold winter is setting in and Time never waits.”


Photo by Jiyeon Park from StockSnap

Poem written November 29th 2011

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