Two ladies grabbed the girls and took them to the back of the restaurant. Danny raged at Mary. He got so close to her face that the breath of his fries hit the tip of Mary’s nose. She didn’t budge. His anger pulsated through her body, she ignored the fear. “Danny if you hit me, you will go to jail.” He held his hand back. The glaze in his eyes told Mary it took all of his strength to not knock her out. Sirens sounded close-by, the cops were here.

Two cops walked in, “Okay lets step outside,” the taller cop said to Mary and Danny. “She is trying to tell me I can’t have my kids,” Danny spat.

“Mam if these are his kids, he has rights to them, we have to let him take them.”

Mary’s heart was pounding, “But he doesn’t even have a car. I am their aunt, they aren’t staying with him right now, the girls stay with their mom. I’m not positive but I am pretty sure he is on something right now.”

Danny walked back and forth, his eyes were crazed, he shook his head at Mary, the shorter cop felt the tension, “Lets take you over to the other side so I can get a statement.” Danny followed the cop.

Mary lost her breath, took in a gulp of air and spoke through shaky teeth, “I brought the girls to visit my brother. He went off and started screaming, he tried to take the girls.”

Her heart sizzled, terror-stricken. “What do I do, what do I do, what do I do?” She thought. “I need to call the mom,” Mary said.

“Mam did he hit you?” The taller policeman asked.

“I don’t think so,” Mary said. And it was true, she didn’t remember him actually hitting her, then again, it was all a blur of screams and yells. At one point he was going to, he didn’t but then when the girls were pushed into the bathroom, Mary felt confused.

“We need to take a look at the surveillance, If the cameras say so, then he has to go in.”

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