One of my favorite things to do is watch people. I know how creepy that sounds but I am definitely not the only one. I like to listen, to watch, to learn. Right now I listen to the sounds of teenagers who talk about the face lifts they will get in a few years, the nose surgeries they are anxious to receive.

I am reminded of a conversation with one of my very best friends on the ethics of plastic surgery. On the one hand if you don’t like something, change it. That is called problem-solving. Then again what happens when this one seemingly flaw is not the answer and more cutting is desired. The one who looks in the mirror and cannot see their own beauty. The one who is addicted to body dysmorphia.

Western culture thrives on songs like, “She doesn’t know she don’t know she’s beautiful.” Cardi B. is a proud promoter in plastic surgery.

Body dysmorphia. The thought process that is wrapped around body flaws. To the girl who told me she can’t wait to get rid of her nose, I would tell her, “No! No! No!”

I used to look in the mirror and see the most monstrous reflection. At times,  I still do. I look at old photos and know that I was robbed. My own pair of eyes robbed me of enjoying the beauty that was mine those years ago. The awkward teenager years. My eyes try to rob me now of the beauty that is mine to own in my thirties.

I once told that best friend how I felt when I looked in the mirror. She said, “I’d like for one day to be your mirror, to see what you see. I don’t see that at all when I look at you.”

Friends are mirrors to truth if they are good ones.

I wish I could say friends were the answer to the inner-turmoil that comes along with the desire for plastic surgery.  For now, let this be a reminder that there are kids out there who need their parents, their friends, their teachers to remind them that they are lovely on the inside and out.

Be a voice for molding minds.

Be a voice for yourself.

Be a voice for your friends.

One thought on “Nose Cutters

  1. I admire this not only because growing up I didnt like a part of me and wanted it gone but as I became an adult I’ve learned to love my appearance but I have kids, neices and nephews who I want to know that there is nothing wrong with you and you are beautiful.. Thank you Grace.


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