I wondered about you tonight

You see the crickets were singing

Lightening bugs gave a merry show

An orchestra played

Who knew how talented frogs could be

You missed it

I dont know maybe you dont exist

I did dream of you

I told you I wanted to go to grad school to be a counselor

You were so kind

I had dreams about our daughter

She had the bluest eyes, the blackest hair

You know I’ve been praying over her since I was sixteen

Thirteen years

I dont know maybe you do exist

Maybe you are too hard-hearted

Maybe you have given yourself to another

I understand

Im messy in the kitchen

I dont sleep well

My socks dont match

I can be so sensitive

I sometimes have the sharpest tongue

I go when the spirit says go and you may not understand

But I had dreams about our daughter

Maybe just a dream

I surrender it again and again

I hope you make it to the music

I hope you find your way back to yourself

I hope you stop believing lies

I hope you stop giving in to the loneliness with false lovers

I hope your eyes are opened to the blurred lines you’ve created with women

I hope you know I wont accept you until your healed

I wont accept you until Im healed

No double standards here

Im almost ready to meet you

Spring is coming

Are you ready?