Cars are one of those necessary evils! If only cars drove perfectly all the time! I used to change my own oil but I had a minivan then! That was also eight years or so ago! I could go right under the van. I have also forgotten how to do it. Regardless, there is no way I am going under a jacked-up car! NO WAY!

I don’t like sitting here for FIVE HOURS while they look at it. In fact, I hate it. I hate it so much I’m going to need someone to teach me how to do my own car maintenance! I’m not sure if its the sitting or the money but you better believe I am about to become an oil, break changer person. I hate cars! I won’t jack up my car but I will drive it over a baby ditch!!!

I can find a way or I am just annoyed right now and will be annoyed the next time I come back. Five hundred and thirty one dollars to change breaks and clean out my fuel injectors! As soon as he said it, “Seriously shoot me in the face!” I gotta stop saying that but seriously! SERIOUSLY! You know how you aren’t supposed to have a man list. I have one and I have added he must carry the gift of changing breaks because I could cry right now!

CORRECTION, I did cry! Thank you God for sunglasses. Oh subway in NYC how I miss you right now!!!!

After I subtract the cost it takes to maintain a car as well as the cost of gasoline, the price for rent in NYC averages out a bit. Its actually looking pretty sweet today!

NYC I miss you today! I miss you! I miss the beggars! I miss the subway yellers! I miss the creepy starers! I miss the tourists. I miss the dancers! I miss the singers! I miss you!

Okay, really I miss the monthly unlimited. Goodbye! Goodbye! Hello new old once was and now is again reality! Hello! You are evil! But I hate being on the side of the road and I don’t have to take care of my car, I choose too.