I’m hot and bothered.

You have absolutely lost your mind. You’re the little mouse who scurries to traps. She trapped you. Ha! You trapped yourself!

You opened the door and said, “Come in spawn of satan, why don’t you make yourself at home!!! I’m a lonely fool!!!”

You feel it but you ignore your feelings!

Dimwit! Listen up! I am so glad I don’t have the balls to talk with such arrogance! I name you Mr. Smug! Ball free and intelligent enough to have emotions makes me woman.

Emotions are signals to guide you to truth! No one ever said they were drivers, gas, or cars! I can’t believe how stupid you are!

Three blind mice, three blind mice.

It takes three blind men to help one see. Surely between the three of you, you can catch the scent of a sneaky cat. Surely between the three of you, you can see you gotta gap…

(Bows head, shakes head, walks away…)