Dear Dear One,

The smell of grass. It doesn’t remind me of you anymore. I noticed yesterday. The wind blew. Newly cut grass thrown in the breeze. I caught it. It struck me later in such a way that left me sad.

The image of a man came to me. He stood under a fiery sun. He wore a straw hat. His skin was brown. His eyes bled with salt; it poured sweat. “Wanna go for a ride?” He had the warmest hand. His smile whisked worries away. His agility moved with unceasing grace. He climbed trees. Once upon a time this shadow, this image of a man walked with me in the moonlight. He told me his story. I cried.

The rain would trick him out of work. It was always my favorite. Rain clouds formed over our place but only our place.  We didn’t know. His arms wrapped around me tight as morning shifted to noon until the phone call came. “Where are you it’s not raining on this side of town?” God and his little tricks of love.

I wish you well dear one. I hope you love her. I want you to be happy. I always wanted you to have a heart filled with joy! I want that still. I want you to have the love you have always desired.

Open your heart dear one. Truth. Find truth. Find justice. Find hope. Turn to him. You know the him I am speaking of. He loves you so much. He loves me. He is here for us both. He said there was healing in your hands. Don’t forget okay! He said you were a father to the fatherless. He said he wanted to heal your heart. He called you a strong foundation! Please don’t forget what you were called too. I remember.

Have children!!! Get married!!!

Live! Live! Live!

And me,

I smell the grass and remember you later.  I smell the grass. I think of straw hats. I move on but embrace what feels bad. I remember you later but I remember.

Invite me to the wedding?