My constant thoughts flow with nothing more than a stream of questions. It is strange to be woman. It is stranger still to be a single woman with thirty on the horizon. I look at children and wonder if I will have any.  I look at men and think, “Who are you really?”

Questions loom. I am over-whelmed until the advocate comes once more. “Grace every piece of life is a gift. We are all given different gifts. Don’t waste this time on what may never be. You could die tomorrow. It could all be over. What did you cultivate with your twenty-four hours? Don’t spend so much time worrying over what might be or won’t be or where you may have went wrong. Sure, self-examine! Please do grow! It would be ridiculous to neglect what is right in front of you. That is the point isn’t it?

Don’t neglect what is in front of you now. Memories fade. People build their entire lives off of a single memory but life was meant to keep going. Keep going!

Don’t hang, don’t cling, don’t be afraid.

This place is passing away and you my love, you are just a traveler.

I have this great friend. He is my best kept secret. He is love and he is justice. He is kind and calm. He never leaves. He never imposes. He is the only gentlemen I have ever known,