The word says you will know them by their fruit.  You will know who is of God by their fruit. The only way to know if someone is probably “saved” is to get to know them. There is another question that comes.  How close do you have to get to know who a person is? At some point only God knows the heart but even so, there are people who will be quick to judge the one who is not slow to anger or who is stuck in a struggling sin.

I always think about some of the women I have spent hours with.  To the outside world these women are hideous. They are angry, they don’t hang out with anyone, they are all together mean! They yell at small children. They speak terrible words. I listened to their stories. She said, “You pray for miracles but God only gives you grief.”

She was cheated on many times. She was abused and used repeatedly. Her anger is there for a reason. Others were gang-raped. Some had fathers who died when they were quite young.

I got to know more about this one woman as she began to push me away with a critical spirit. She was projecting her shame onto me. She was an older woman. I believe anyone can change. I do still believe that. I haven’t seen it often but I do believe it because I have seen it in me. My point is, it takes time to know someone. Don’t judge anyone by any amount of disliked behavior. Find out what is going on.

You might find that what looks like an overly ripe fruit has the most delicious taste. You might find the seemingly most beautiful fruit is the most sour, the most ugly.

Get to know a heart.