(A picture of my first TOLL BOOTH!!! I was so excited to pay her hahaha!)

We all have things we like to brag about. I like to brag about how everything I own in this world can fit into my car and still have room for two passengers! Its been interesting driving alone. I drove past Las Vegas and thought shouldn’t I want to stop here? I’m more concerned with getting away from the traffic. I asked myself, “What if one day I look back and regret all the places I didn’t stop at?” I thought about it for a moment. “Well, I’d be a different person by then and the person then isn’t the person now and so the new person in the future would want to go visit Las Vegas not the past version which is me currently so the future me can go on a trip if she likes. I am content getting out of this traffic!”

As I drove past Utah at night, with all the roadwork, and the dark roads, I found a bit of fear start to creep in. In the distance, a light glowed behind the shadow of a mountain. I continued around a corner and there it was right in front of me, the most gorgeous glowing full moon! “Hello! Hello!” She was so beautiful!!! I went back and forth, “Jesus I’m so afraid right now!” to “Awwww but look at the moon!” I drove through a live painting tonight. It was real.

Hosea 2:14 I will allure her, and bring her to the wilderness, and I will speak tenderly to her.