Jesus Lives?

I was on my way to Bethel church. I was driving through a forest and around mountains in the pouring rain! Sure glad my dad told me how to tap breaks before I left. I am definitely a tapper! It was all good until the sign read, “Rock slide area.” “Well great, Grace drives across America to get run down by a boulder. The end!” If I had a quarter for all the angry people stuck in the line behind me as I did not drive over fifty around any curves! “Sorry buddy not from here besides read the sign! It says North Carolina First in Flight we don’t drive!”

I used to joke around with the Lord. As I continued my drive I said out loud, “Hey God my hair is greasy from sleeping in this car and no real shower. If you have someone at Bethel give me a place to stay and they aren’t weird or creepy, I’ll never question you again and I’ll worship you forever!”

I got to church about twenty minutes before it was supposed to end. The speaker was talking about how John knew Jesus loved him. That was his foundation. His foundation was from love. Peter always said he loved Jesus. He lived in the what I must do for you mentality. Peter lived in law. John lived in Grace (funny that John is one of my favorite books in the Bible) and even though John scattered too when Jesus was taken away, he was still there as Jesus had his last breath. God loves us. Gods loves me and you.

Oh and guess what!!!

A woman who wasn’t weird invited me to her apartment for the weekend. She had a spare bedroom. I took a shower and we had a great time. She had curly white hair. She had survived terrible pain.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Oh, and I’m pretty sure that Jesus lives.