I have friends who are real travelers.  They look at everything.  They savor it.  They take it in.  They meet the people and eat the food.  Not me.  At least not this round.  I’m on a mission.  That mission is to drive!

I stopped at the International House of Prayer in Missouri.  I like to think of church bodies as systems and parts of the body.  One church might be the nervous system.  IHOP is the heart.  They pump America in and out with prayer twenty-four hours a day.  I stayed for a few hours before I felt that pull back to the road.  They gave me a beautiful gift while I was there. I am so grateful.

I accidentally made a detour through Colorado.  It was the best mistake of my life.  It was so beautiful.

Wyoming has the most crystal clear sky.

And Salt Lake City looks like Christmas.

Today was the best drive so far.

Eleven Hours.