Its funny how things change.  He said, “You always wanted to be free.  You never did sign a lease.”  He was right.  Maybe I had wisdom too.  They always said, “She does what she wants.” I do, but I listen too.  I hear a voice that makes no sense. The silent whisper.  I listen to him again.  I start my drive to Los Angeles tomorrow. People don’t do things like that in small towns.  There is always a fear.  Always.  I can walk up to a big city coffee shop and talk to two, three, four women who have traveled alone.  Small town thinking has its place I guess but that voice.  Wherever the presence of the Lord is, that is the safest place to be.  For now, thats my car.

I have never driven through big cities or around mountains.  I’m gonna sleep in my car at night.  I bought a dog bed a few days ago.  It caught my eye as well as my laughter.  I was with Katie. I threw two dog mattress choices on the floor.  I laid on them. Katie looked down at me amused,  “Well now that your down there it takes about five minutes of laying to tell if its comfortable!” That dog bed fits perfectly in my trunk/back seat.  I was so excited, I had to try it as soon as I got to the car!

A road-trip.  L.A. You healed me in some ways but now its time to pack my bags and move back home for a little while. You can’t run away forever I guess.

The only thing left to decide on is the taser….


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