People are a reflection of ourselves. Suspend judgment. Sit. Watch, Pay attention. I feel projection come. I look at her and think wretched things.”  A whole list. I sit back. I suspend judgment. As I sit the “aha” moment happens.

“Oh, I am not upset by you. You are not the cause of any issue. I am. I am. I am not living in truth. I have given up on me once again. I want to come back to myself. It is not you. It was never you.  Not you. It was me. It is me.  The great projection.

The great projection comes for us all. The one who can walk through it, the one who can step passed it, the one who can see what isn’t seen. The one who can say this is true but it isn’t truth.

How many things are true but aren’t truth overwhelms me. It was the wisest word. The dearest thought.

“Just because its true doesn’t mean its true.”

The illusion compels you to believe that it is. The disillusionment covers truth with what is true.

It may be true that you were abused but it is not truth that you were made to be abused. 

It may be true that you were hurt but it is not truth that you were made to be hurt.

The reality of things. People say they are realistic. They live in reality. No, they live in true but not truth. They live in what isn’t truth. They live in the true of then but not the truth that supersedes all that has ever been true.

For when true has passed away truth remains. Gather it in your hands.  Drink as deeply as the one who has found water after walking through deserts with damaged feet. Drink in deeply the truth that is truth and not true.  Drop what is true. Watch it sift away.

I choose to live in truth.  

Truth over true. Truth over true.