I miss you is the name of the emotion I feel
If I may move you further I’d like to incline your ear
The crystal took your hand as your eyes widened in the caves 
I’m not afraid I am not afraid
Lovers in the sky, they ignited your imaginative side
Sunsets you loved more than any sunrise
Hawaii was your hope
Mermaids were your will
Take me to the sea
I want to disintegrate inside the wave
Missing is soon over
I remember more each day
Pale pink cups
Greens and Maroon
A long walk
Picked flowers
Stars hello dear Milky Way
Glowing lady
You do glow
You do
You always knew what you needed to
You did know
You know now
You are certain
You are sure
You are bringer of life
You are warrior
Elegant and refined
The ropes are gone
What now in this untied land
Options in colors
Only you can choose
I know you’ll choose the rainbow
It was always your way
You want it all
No one here anymore to tell you
That isn’t okay