Take me far from this
Rain clinked the roof
Cotton fields
Cotton fields
Cotton fields
No one came
I loved the one I waited for by the window
I told him the whole truth

He wasn’t real!
You aren’t real!!
You aren’t real!
You never came!!
You aren’t here!!!
Where are you?!?

I looked in my journal
I had dreams
They told me we would be together
You aren’t here

My heart hurts with hope
Deferred hope makes the heart grow sick
I don’t mean to need you
But I want you
I need to give to you
I want to give to you
I need what you have for me
I want what you have for me
I was created to meet you

I was wrong
I have lived my life without
Hope slaps me violently

She yells hold on!!!!
I don’t want to anymore!!!!!!
I want to jump!!!!
Where are you?!?!
Please come!!

I can’t take much more of this!!!!
Hope handler!!
I QUIT!!!!
Stop telling me he is there!!!!
For the Love of God have some Mercy!
Have Mercy on me!
I deserve Mercy!
I do!
Give me Mercy!
I give up!

People married for years

I’ll be dead by the time you wake up

I’ll be dead with your passivity

I’ll be dead and you, you won’t know what would be because you are lost in your own selfish games 

Pretend like you aren’t

I know you are afraid

Fear is for fools

I am a fool

You are too

Fools can learn

I still believe.

Hope Handler
I’ll take the task
How much longer my love?
How much more can you take without me?
I worry for you 
I do worry for you
Hope handler 
I continue to live I continue to wait 
In case you never get the guts to be brave