First time, Bashful. My face red. 
She strikes me. Her features. 
            Her fingers, stress dissolves 
Meant to be. 
   No one need like her.  
    No one has to care.  
      For the first time.   
 I feel pride.
                  This is how love feels.
I attend to her. 
              Hours have no meaning here.  
 Not with her. 
      My first love.
                              Infatuated, Smitten, Love. Connected, 
                    Give, Sacrifice, Valued Love.
                   Worthy, The transformation
She is Words. 
                   Her Words are Mine shaped from 
                   History and languages of old.
                  I fell for Woman, her Words. 
Her words in me.
 I have fallen.
             I am the Words I think.