Hold me in your arms

Let me cry Let me cry

The heat of your heart warms me Ive,

Ive been cold.

I waited so long for you, for your arms for your arms. I never gave up. With every heartbreak I thought only of your arms. I prayed I and you would know.  I knew you would know.

Magnet voices Magnet vines

veiled Museums vibrant Mimes

Musical viking Mystical vase

vaulted Mourner venom Maze

Shattered Scattered I feel your sigh. No longer alone No longer dry,

No longer my love Not you Not I.

Vine covers never chokes, Museum opens no longer closed. Mimes are speaking the vase is filled:

Roses Roses Roses move and yet still, so still.

Do you hear it?

Emptied vault and venom found Answer given Found Found Found.

Mystical lover partner friend, I cry in your arms. Dry my tears let them fall.

Thank you for existing I knew you would come.