I Want to Create a World.

She watered her plants. Fifty-two. What had been her life but boredom? Her husband.“It’s all in your head,” he would say. He laughed when she cried. He said stop when she said go. A tug of war bred in a moment of chemistry. He saved the day. Real life isn’t like that. She was young. Her mom told her to marry him. Her mom told him to marry her. Two hearts joined in unholy matrimony by her. If they could see the whirlwind their lives went on would they have changed it? Fifty-two. Denial. To admit the truth would mean to fall apart. Her life had gone too far now. Like driving two hours in the wrong direction. No one wants to turn around. No one wants to ask for directions. Directions. The GPS isn’t always right. She stared into the sun. “Have you forsaken me?” A moment of truth. Her heart shook. “No!” She reached for the dirt.“I want to create a world,”she thought. “A world I can call my own.” She headed into the house as a prisoner after his “time outside.” The difference. Her walls had been forged by her own body. “A world.” “I want to create a world.”

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