He was standing behind me in line.  He was attractive.  We were waiting to get into a store. A busy store. I had my shades on with a scarf that covered my face.  Its my way of saying, “Don’t talk to me!” without the use of headphones. A man walked up to speak to the line of waiting humans.  “Here are some fliers for my store across the street.  We sell all the accessories that you would need. This flier gives you a twenty percent discount!”  The man with the fliers handed the attractive guy behind me a flier.  The attractive guy then handed me a flier.

“Ladies first.” he smiled. “Thank you.” I replied and turned back around.

“Now you have to tell me your name.”

(My body jerked.)

I looked at him.  My words calm,  “Actually I don’t have to tell you my name.  I can choose to tell you my name.”  He put his hands up, “Woah, Woah, Woah, I guess so.”

“My name is Grace.”  I shook his hand. It was weak.  He mumbled some other words. The line started to move; Peace out weakshake!

A few days prior to this weakshake, I had a meanshake with another good-looking man.  His grip strangled my fingers! “Hey there Mr. Dominance,” want to lighten up on that extra strong shake sir!

I met a woman a few weeks ago.  When she shook my hand I promise there was no life in it whatsoever. It was dead fish eww woman hand.  It was so strange I don’t think I will ever forget.

Tip of the day:  If you ever go on a date.  If you ever like someone, shake their hand.  It isn’t set in stone but there is a lot of psychology behind a handshake. There are other factors too like simply doing what you were taught. I used to have a super firm handshake because an old man told me I needed one. We practiced.  Then someone else told me I needed to be more delicate. It took me a while to just shake a hand. I got with it. Maybe weakshake, meanshake, and deadshake will figure it out too. Go shake a hand. See what its like.