Her nails, She cut them.  She filed.

She flossed, She smiled at added acne.  “Battle scars can disappear.”

She slid her nightgown off and stepped into the shower.

She scrubbed,  She eyed her body for any hidden dirt as a mother to her child.

She lathered herself in crystallized honey,

The smell sweet.

She washed, She breathed,

Water droplets fell from her hair.

The mirror,  She looked.

The curve of a woman who cried.

“Not so bad,”

She listened to her thoughts as she rubbed lotion over her legs, her thighs,


her neck.

She read.

Music filled her ears,

United Pursuit,

She felt the sun come through the window,


A blinding light,

Relief Released.

“I care,” she noted.

“Hello care!” she greeted.

“Good morning!”

“I missed you!”


(waves and smiles)