She looked at herself in the mirror. Her figure had indeed expanded. The chocolate had melted into her thighs. “We are one now,” She laughed. Ridiculous. Still, she noticed she had shape. Her figure simply needed to chip away at the excess blubber. “I choose to love myself today.”

“You are hideous!” She thought.

“Wait a minute!”

The internal fight had begun:

“You went through some shit last year! You sat in your bedroom! You drank wine! You ate chocolate! Lots of chocolate. You cried and cried and cried. Your whole life has changed! You feel unsettled! You lack groundedness. Be kind! Be kind! Be kind! You don’t need to explain your secret struggles unless you wish. You are the way you are for a reason and those who want to know will find a way to know. You are worthy. You are worthy. Weight will fall off. It is the way that we talk to ourselves that needs to change.  The excess weight is in your head.”

When the Advocate Comes