Ever feel so angry you want to stomp, scream, and give every one that eye? Get out of my face! Do not ask me questions.  No! I do not want to talk!

Anger, Deep-seeded anger, I talk to it:

“Anger,  whats your deal?”

“I’m pissed with you.”

“No its not me, its the roommates,  Its the sounds, Its everyone else, Not me.  Not us,  Everyone else needs to die.”

“No, you’re the problem.”


“You ate cookies again.  I am sick of it.  It keeps me up at night.  It makes my arms feel flabby.  Get yourself together.  Put cookies down and If I have to hear one more person in that shower tonight. Cut the music down. Make the screeching shower stop. It sounds like a train whistle! I am going to growl soon I know it.  I never used to growl.  Then I moved to New York City.  I came to L.A. to unravel the growl. I am so pissed!!!”

“See told you it was everyone else, Not I.”

“No, It is you,  Drop the cookies okay, it pisses me off.”

“Okay… Okay…Okay…”

“I feel better now.”

(Roommate finally walks out of shower as another roommate walks in)