“She ran to the cliff, jumped and landed in the sky.”

Dearest Friends,

I want you to know my love for the dandelion. The dandelion is considered a weed to one person and wine to another. Dandelions are filled with vitamin A. Tell the manicured lawn owner this, It isn’t likely to end well.

Dandelions have a rose-like quality; they bare beauty with thorns. This website is the culmination of life in a day as a dandelion rose.

I am a weed,

I am wine,

I am beauty

Known to prick,

I am Grace

I am Louise

I am more

I am me

You will find writings here from all chapters of my life. The dance tab will take you to my work as a dance artist.

Wherever you land on this site, I hope you feel at home.


The Dandelion Rose