“She ran to the cliff, jumped and landed in the sky.”

The sidewalk had that smell, cement and rain. Yum, eighth avenue. People clung together underneath walkways. Her dress was soaked, the air was warm. “Why not?” She said out loud.

 She took off her shoes to reveal bare feet that walked up the balmy NYC street. Clusters of people glared in breezeways as she passed by. She looked up at the gray July sky as thick beads of rain ran down her pale freckled face. She surveyed the sidewalk; not a soul in sight. No, they were there, they stood in huddles to avoid the droplets of rain that poured like tears down the face of an inconsolable child.

Puddles formed, without hesitation she jumped in one by one. Old memories filled her heart with delight. Dry patches of people hid beneath apartment and store corridors. She understood their choice. They had jobs, children, homes… She had the rain, the sidewalk; She had the stage and it was in that moment she knew her life would never be ordinary.

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